Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you and CroxleyGreen Local Cars. Your act of booking a taxi and utilizing our service implies your unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

1. Definitions

CroxleyGreen Local Cars, referred to as "we" or "us," denotes the service-providing company. The terms "you" and "your" may apply to any individual, business, or company making a booking with us.

2. Booking

2.1 It is imperative that you allocate sufficient time for your journey, ensuring timely arrival, especially for airport transfers with specific check-in times. CroxleyGreen Local Cars disclaims responsibility for delays resulting from inadequate time allocation or unavailability at the designated pickup time.

2.2 Ordering a car of suitable size for passengers and luggage is your responsibility. CroxleyGreen Local Cars does not guarantee transportation of excessive luggage. Please note that irrespective of age, a child is considered a single passenger.

2.3 Requests for wheelchair access should be communicated at the time of booking.

3. Prices & Payment

3.1 Our quotation is based on information provided by you. Prices, unless stated otherwise, exclude VAT, and if applicable, this charge will be added. We reserve the right to adjust the provided quote in case of substantial changes to the stated itinerary.

3.2 Our quote includes a 45-minute waiting period post the scheduled landing time and covers airport parking costs. Any waiting time beyond this period incurs standard CroxleyGreen Local Cars waiting rates. While we strive to accommodate delays, we are not obligated to do so.

3.3 Upon acceptance of our quote, you will receive a booking confirmation. Please thoroughly review this confirmation and notify CroxleyGreen Local Cars of any discrepancies; otherwise, we are not responsible for delays or costs arising from such errors.

3.4 Payments for our services can be made in cash, credit card, or debit card.

4. The Service

4.1 You are accountable for the behavior of all passengers during the journey. Charges may apply for vehicle cleaning if it is soiled, damaged, or negatively impacted by a passenger.

4.2 Eating, drinking, or smoking in the car is strictly prohibited.

4.3 Proper restraint measures for children, based on their height, weight, and age, must be adhered to.

4.4 Carrying more passengers than permitted by licensing or insurance is not allowed.

5. Cancellations

5.1 In the event of a cancellation, please contact CroxleyGreen Local Cars at your earliest convenience. Cancellation charges apply if a vehicle is canceled after dispatch, based on the distance covered by the driver.

5.2 Cancellation charges may be levied on the original payment for online bookings canceled before dispatch.

6. Liability

6.1 While CroxleyGreen Local Cars endeavors to ensure timely arrivals, we are not liable for losses due to delays beyond our control. We assume no liability for losses incurred by you or your business.

6.2 Your luggage is transported at your own risk.

6.3 In case of a breakdown, CroxleyGreen Local Cars will arrange an alternative vehicle for you.

6.4 You will not hold CroxleyGreen Local Cars responsible for expenses, damages, costs, or losses resulting from any omission or act by anyone in your party.

6.5 No party can exclude or limit liability for personal injury, death caused by negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, wilful default, or other matters deemed unenforceable by applicable laws.

7. Termination

7.1 We reserve the right to terminate or reject a booking immediately if any vehicle or driver is put at risk by you or any other passenger through abuse, violence, or damage. No refunds will be provided for terminated journeys.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1 CroxleyGreen Local Cars may subcontract obligations as per this agreement. You may not assign, delegate, or transfer any obligations or rights under this agreement.

8.2 CroxleyGreen Local Cars can modify terms and conditions at any time by updating this page. It is your responsibility to regularly review these terms. Existing bookings will proceed at rates applicable at the time of booking.

8.3 Information is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1988.

8.4 This agreement constitutes the complete understanding between CroxleyGreen Local Cars and yourself.

8.5 These terms and conditions confer no advantage or benefit to a third party. No third party can enforce rights under this agreement without a written agreement in place.

9. Disputes

Any dispute or claim must be made within 30 days of the booking pickup date. CroxleyGreen Local Cars is not obliged to entertain claims or disputes made after this timeframe.

Our Fleet in Croxley Green

Saloon Car in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
  • Passengers: 4
  • Luggage: 2
  • Hand Luggage: 2
Estate Car in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
  • Passengers: 4
  • Luggage: 3
  • Hand Luggage: 2
VIp Car in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
  • Passengers: 4
  • Luggage: 2
  • Hand Luggage: 2
MPV Cars in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
  • Passengers: 5
  • Luggage: 3
  • Hand Luggage: 3
8 seat minibus in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
8 Seat Minibus
  • Passengers: 8
  • Luggage: 6
  • Hand Luggage: 6
Wheelchair Accessible Minicab in Croxley Green - CroxleyGreen Local Cars
  • Passengers: 4
  • Wheelchair: 1

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